Are you familiar with the PrimeLife Times? If you’re a regular patron at Lincoln Square, Urbana, or shopped familiar businesses and grocery stores throughout the east-central Illinois area, you’ve probably seen copies of the newspaper at the entrance doors.

Recently during the radio program, “Mark & Friends”, Mark Burns, General Manager of Great News Radio, talked about how this paper came to be and is now published by the Great News Media Group. Mark also shared the developing vision for this papers growth and how best to bless and encouraged the thousands who read it. Those programs are archived and can be heard at: Look for titles with PrimeLife Times in them.

William Gingold of Urbana started the PrimeLife Times newspaper twenty-seven years ago with the intent to keep seniors (those 50 and older), informed, engaged and active in their every-day lives. He and the PrimeLife Times has held to this vision these many years, and we plan to continue in this spirit.

The PrimeLife Times features sections such as Lifestyles, News and Views, People and Places, Wellness, Health and Fitness, and Money Matters. The paper aims to provide informative, engaging, and positive articles on a wide variety of subjects. Though the paper is geared for the over 50 clientele, younger adults are also finding articles of interest!

The PrimeLife Times serves seven counties with approximately 26,000 readers throughout Central Illinois. This month’s edition contains articles on How to Save Time and Money this Holiday Season, and How Art and Poetry can Help People Deal with Challenging Times. Two writers in the November edition are collectors of the stories of WWII veterans and we are fortunate to have these authors’ contributions.

You can always find excellent recipes in the “Be Inspired” section—it’s a never-fail hit with many readers! You might also enjoy reading about current activities being offered in Brown County in Indiana, reading the Trivia Corner, brushing up on the history and usage of English words in the Wordsmith’s Workshop, or working on the monthly Crossword Puzzle.

The Great News Media Group is delighted and honored to welcome this Central Illinois newspaper, its contributors and wonderful advertisers, to our endeavors! We thank William and Phyllis Gingold for working with us, for going above and beyond to facilitate such a smooth transition. What a valuable contribution their newspaper has been to this and the other counties it serves!

If you’re out and about in Champaign-Urbana and surrounding areas, you’ll find the PrimeLife Times at local groceries, retail stores, medical offices, restaurants and a wide variety of other businesses and service providers. Pick up your copy today!