Great News Radio Free Wellness Workshop
THURSDAY, January 26, 9-10 AM (or) 12-1 PM (or) 4-5 PM, Lincoln Square, Urbana, Unit 112, Great News Radio Center (across from the food court).
We are excited about offering our free Wellness Workshop and Wellness Walk Programs. These Wellness Workshops are based on the books of Dr. Alex Zachariah: “Let’s Breathe Mindfully” and his second book, “Let’s Move Mindfully” (available in a 3-pack edition which includes his “Improve Your Balance, Prevents Falls” brochure for $10 at the Great News Radio Center).
When available, Dr. Jim Painter will also participate in the Great News Radio Wellness Workshops, covering nutrition and sharing helpful tips to fight overweight, obesity and maintaining a healthier body based on his book: “Let’s Eat Mindfully”.
Dr. Zachariah’s workshops will introduce participants to numerous mindful practices of movement, breathing and balance, along with optional Wellness Walks. The wellness practices can be easily incorporated into one’s daily living activities.
If you are looking for ways to optimize your overall health and learn new and beneficial health information and practices, plan on joining us for the Workshops!
Disclaimer: Dr. Zachariah and Jim Painter, PhD, RD, will not be advising or diagnosing specific medical conditions, but will be teaching principles and strategies for overall health.
Use this form to register for our free Wellness Workshop, and choose which time you plan to attend.
For more information call Great News Radio at: 217-367-7777.
Signup for the Free Wellness Workshop

Signup for the Free Wellness Workshop